Si on me demande comment je trouve Gourcuff

She was selected for her willowy, 5 foot 11 inch frame, her interest in sustainability and all the attention surrounding “The Artist,” which is up for 10 awards.”Ultimately, Red Carpet Green Dress isn’t about beautiful gowns,” said program founder Suzy Amis Cameron. “It’s really about bringing awareness to the fact that we can be kind to the planet and still wear something really gorgeous and to then take that a step further, for people to think about the carbon footprint of their everyday clothes.”The wife of “Avatar”director James Cameron started Red Carpet Green Dress after realizing she’d be walking a lot of red carpets herself in conjunction with her husband’s film, which won three Academy Awards in 2010.Red Carpet Green Dress is similar to an initiative spearheaded by Colin Firth’s wife, Livia; her Green Carpet Challenge encourages Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and other top fashion houses to incorporate sustainable fabrics into their designs. Cameron’s program, however, is a global competition open to designers of all backgrounds.

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